Nicole M. Mares, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Department of History
Director of Women's Studies

King's College

133 North River St.

Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania 18711


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Office Phone: (570) 208-5900, ext. 5489

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I am Associate Professor of
History at King's College, specializing in the history of modern Britain, its empire, and the Atlantic World.  I teach courses on the history of western civilization, modern Britain, Victorian culture, the British empire, women and gender in Europe, and the Atlantic world.

Nicole Mares

History Department
Core 131: History of Western Civilizations
- SectiSection E
HIST 230: The Atlantic World
HIST 261: Research and Methods
HIST 372: History of Modern Britain
HIST/WMST 378: Women and Gender in European History
HIST 379: Revolutions in Britain and France
HIST 415: Senior Seminar

HIST 448: Victorian Culture and Customs (
Syllabus 2009)

Core 100: Mistaken Identities: Self and Social Norms

Honors 136: Modern and Contemporary History
Scholarly Interests:
My research centers on the history of the British Empire in South Africa.  I investigate the construction and meanings of the Anglo-Boer relationship over the course of the nineteenth century.  More broadly my scholarly interests include the British Empire, Modern Britain, South Africa, Victorian Culture, Atlantic World, Cultural History, Gender Studies, History of Sexuality, and West European Studies.
Ph.D., Indiana University, Bloomington, History
M.A., Indiana University, Bloomington, History
B.A., Denison University, Granville, Ohio History
King's College, Department of History (2009-present)
      CORE 131: Western Civilization to 1914
      HIST 470/ WMST 470: Victorian Culture and Customs
Indiana University-Purdue University, Indianapolis, Department of History (2007-2008)
      History of Western Civilization I, From Antiquity to 1789
      History of Western Civilization II, From the French Revolution to the Present 
Indiana University, Bloomington
      Bustles, Bombs, and the Beatles: British History since 1832 (2006)
      Sex and Culture in Nineteenth-Century Britain (2005)