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Annotated Links to Cusanus on the Web

Brief commentaries on and opinions about the most prominent sites that turn up on search engines under "Nicholas of Cusa" (not including brief encyclopedic entries).  They are listed in rough order of perceived usefulness for understanding Nicolaus Cusanus.  

Nicholas of Cusa:  born 1401 in Bernkastel-Kues; died 11 August 1464 in Todi.
Papal Vicar, Papal Legate, Cardinal, Prince-bishop, Diplomat, Lawyer,
Mathematician, Astronomer,
Humanist, Theologian, Philosopher,  Historian.

The American Cusanus Society by Thomas Izbicki;  includes description of the society, links to members, links to other sites, and a list of Cusanus' writings and translations. Very good starting point for resources and contacts.

Cusanus Portal of the Institut f�r Cusanus-Forschung an der Universit�t und der Theologischen Fakult�t Trier

Jasper Hopkins; that scholar's personal page with downloadable translations into English of De Docta Ignorantia; De Coniecturus; De Deo Abscondito; De Quaerendo Deum; De Filiatione Dei; De Dato Patris Luminum; De Genesi; De Ignota Litteratura (Wenck); Apologia Doctae Ignorantiae; De Sapientia; De Mente; De Staticis Experimentis; De Pace Fidei; De Visione Dei; De Theologicis Complementis; De Beryllo; De Aequalitate; De Principio; De Possest; Cribratio Alkorani; De Li Non Aliud; De Ludo Globi; De Venatione Sapientiae; Compendium; De Apice Theoriae; his introduction to the translations: "Cusa on Wisdom and Knowledge;"  and his essays "Glaube und Vernunft im Denken des Nikolaus von Kues" and "Cusa on Faith and Reason."  Excellent access to writings by Cusanus and some good scholarly reads upon them by a major figure in the field.

Johannes Kepler and the Door to Science: Nicholas of Cusa; site to introduce scientific concepts to students.

Institut für Cusanus-Forschung site in German/auf Deutsch by Prof. Dr. Klaus Reinhardt and the Institut; includes description of the institute, its members, its publications.  The site is particularly useful for the Cusanus-Forum, which includes useful postings of recent scholarship.  

Nicholas of Cusa by J.G. Hagen; a concise, if dated, biography from The Catholic Encyclopedia of 1911, sympathetic to his political and ecclesiastical actions. Good general introduction in English.  

Nikolaus von Kues (Nicolaus Cusanus) in German/auf Deutsch from the Ökumenisches Heiligenlexikon.  Brief survey of life and thought.  

Nicholas of Cusa by John J. O'Connor and Edmund F Robertson; a brief biography as part of The MacTutor History of Mathematics Archive;  emphasizes his mathematical and astronomical interests, with picture, birthplace location, cross references and a few bibliographic references.   Useful for quick impressions of his work on math.  

"Nicholas of Cusa, Alberti and the Architectonics of the Mind" by Graziella Federici Vescovini, abstract of a paper which shows comparisons in the thought of Cusa and Alberti, from a conference on Alberti in 1998.

A Contribution for Nicolaus of Cusa's 600th Birthday: A Dialogue of Cultures
by Helga Zepp LaRouche; a curious 2001 address comparing some of Cusanus' ideas about politics and nations with those of the fringe American politician Lyndon LaRouche.  Only useful for helping to understand this particular aspect of his thought.

Nicholas of Cusa by Elton Hall; a lengthy biography and interpretation of Cusa's ideas from the viewpoint of Theosophy.  Useful for understanding this unique perspective.  

[dead link try Wayback Machine] Nicolas de Cues site in French/au Français by Jean-Marie Nicolle;  includes detailed biography, bibliography, sources, glossary, mathematical demonstrations, and numerous pictures.  Very good site, especially for understanding Cusanus' mathematical studies.

[dead link try Wayback Machine] Clyde Lee Miller;  that scholar's personal page with links to his essays:  "Human Knowledge and God in Cusanus' De docta ignorantia," "Remarks on Eckhart's influence on Cusanus' 1456 sermon: "Ubi est qui natus est rex Iudeorum?," "A translation of Cusanus' Ubi est qui natus est rex Iudaeorum? Where is he that is born king of the Jews? (1456)," and "Thoughts on Cusanus� De li non aliud."  The site is useful for understanding these aspects of Cusanus.  

[dead link try Wayback Machine] Deutsche Cusanus Gesellschaft in German/auf Deutsch with pages on biography, his works, sights and institutions in Bernkastel-Kues, lists of events.  Good pictures and brief descriptions.  

 [dead link try Wayback Machine] Nikolaus von Kues (Cusanus) in German/auf Deutsch by Franz-Peter Kropp as part of his famous people of the Mosel site.  Includes biography, timeline, many pictures.  

[dead link try Wayback Machine] Nicholas of Cusa by Robert I. Bradshaw, B.Sc., C.D.R.S.; part of  his Internet Resource for Studying the Church in the Middle Ages.  Usefully lists some recent and available primary and secondary books for Cusanus, with links to lists of related subjects.  

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