Assistant Professor Maria Jump King's College University of Texas at Austin University of Maryland, College Park
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As the Program Director for Computer Science at King's College, I have had the opportunity to develop a wide-range of computer science courses. It is the mission of the Computer Science program to provide a Software Engineering first approach to development. In this unique way of approaching programming we stress good programming techniques from student's initial programming course. It is not sufficient that a student get a program to compile and run. It is equally important that students learn that code is a dynamic, living thing that needs to not only be correct, but also needs to be maintainable. The curriculum at King's College is built around this principle.

Conference Papers
Trace-Based Teaching in Early Programming Courses, Matthew Hertz and Maria Jump, In Proceedings of the 44th ACM Technical Symposium on Computer Science Education, pp 561--566, Denver, Colorado, March 6-9 2013.