List of entries for General Themes in Literature (Facts on File, Inc, Forthcoming 2009).

Editor: Jennifer  A. McClinton-Temple, Associate Professor of English, King's College, Wilkes-Barre, PA

Please note:  All original due dates for this project have passed.  All entries assigned after November 14, 2008 are due Jan. 1, 2009 unless another due date is negotiated with the editor.    

Facts on File, Inc is putting together an ambitious, three-volume reference work that will guide high school and college students through the most commonly reoccurring themes in the most commonly assigned works of literature.  The work will begin with 1500-word essays on the 50 most common themes in literature.  If you are interested in writing one of these theme essays, check the list here.

Part II will consist of explorations of those themes in the 300 most commonly assigned works of literature in American high schools and colleges.  Contributors will be assigned one or more works from the "Works List" below, and then, in collaboration with the editor, will choose three themes from the "Themes List" below.  Contributors will then craft a 250-word Introduction and three 750-word essays on the chosen themes.  These essays are to be close readings of the text, and require no outside sources.  If you are interested in writing on one of these texts, check the list here


Sample essays, as well as general guidelines, may be found here:  Guidelines for Contributors


Payment for essays will be in presentational offprints and, for any contributor who writes on a theme or two or more works, a copy of the books. All essays will carry the author's name, and a list of contributors will appear in the back of the book.


If you are interested in one or more entries, please send inquiry  to

Works List


Themes List