Ivan Vasiliev, Zukuska na trevata
[Breakfast on the Grass], 1989
Haskovo Regional Art Gallery, Bulgaria

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Core 133: World History since 1453 Core 140: Balkan Cultures Core 191: World History since 1914 HIST 222: Postwar Europe
HIST 246: Modern Latin America
HIST 261: Research and Methods HIST 280: Colonial Worlds HIST 362: Eastern Europe in the Era of Modernity
HIST 363: (Re) Inventing Russia: Russia and Empire HIST 364: Southeastern Europe and the Making of the Balkans HIST 368: Cold War Cultures: Visions of the "Good Life" HIST 415: Senior Seminar: The Question of Communism
HIST 440 / SOC 491: Seminar: Geographies of Europe HIST 459: Colonial Worlds (Seminar) HNRS 136: Modern History HIST 475 / PS 492:
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