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What student's are talking about? (Fall 2011)


IB 241 Introduction To International Business


The instructor was very friendly and genuinely  concerned about her students.  The learning atmosphere was hard to understand but always fun.

The discussions, the material and the instructor’s attitude all play positive roles in the classroom.


The instructor is clearly very passionate and knowledgeable about the subject matter. I enjoy the subject matter. The instructor is very amiable and approachable.


Group quizzes/projects helped people get to know each other better.


I like how Dr. Vyas makes it as easy as she can to get the message & the information across.


She brought a level of experience living in India.  She was well spoken.  Very fair.

MSB 480 Strategic Management


This course is very important to what I want to do in life.  It shows the effectiveness that planning and implementing has.  Teacher shows a lot of knowledge in subject material.


Dr. Vyas is very friendly and very intelligent. The class is well structured and Dr. Vyas is always prepared for class.


Classes – presentation-short assignments.


Ability to have class discussions makes the class more interesting.  Case studies put the material in an easier perspective to understand.  Professor is enthusiastic about teaching and the material.


Learning new material.


Class discussions-group exercises-class activities.


Interesting topics/cases.  Preparation for real business world.  Instructor’s very nice and considerate.  Always polite to students.


Teacher was very helpful when needed.  Class was a pleasurable atmosphere.  Not a lot of tests.


Case studies and discussion to learn about different companies.


Open discussions. She was willing to help and answer any questions.


Discussions – group work – case analysis.


Reading Material – Real life scenarios.


IB 450 Management of Multinational Corporations


IB 491 International Business Senior Seminar