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Supremacies and Diversities: A Review of Western Civilization

CORE 131 Western Civilization

HNRS 125 Ancient & Medieval History (formerly HNRS 202 Western Experiences I)

HNRS 204 Western Experiences II

HIST/WMST 373 Women in Western Civilization

History of Christianity

CORE 132 The 20th Century: Global Perspectives (now CORE 191 Global History since 1914)

HIST 261 Research & Methods

HIST 415 Senior Seminar

HIST/ARHS 1010 Themes in Western Art: Passion and Pain

HIST482/ENGL382 Shakespeare's British History: Murder & Monarchy

HIST 324 Empires of Greece and Rome 500 B.C. - A.D. 500

HIST 375 Medieval History Survey 500-1500

HIST 376 Early Modern Europe 1500-1815

HIST 377 German Europe 1815-1945/Hist 2220

HIST 425 B Nazi Germany

HIST/WMST 444 The Witch Hunts 1400-1800 (Version in Rome)


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Map of Europe for Western Civ Blank Map of the World
Map of Europe for 20th Century Map of World for 20th Century

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