Resources for the History of Christianity


The Early Church On-Line Encyclopedia (Ecole) Initiative <> No longer updated, yet still many good resources.

Christian Classics Ethereal Library <>.  Many primary sources and classic Christian writings. 

The Vatican <>. All things Roman Catholic from the font.

Religious Toleration <> Many essays about many different religions and religious concepts from diverse views. 

Hans Rollman's Religion, Society & Culture in Newfoundland and Labrador <> Some pages go far beyond the provinces to describe the larger issues.

Religion Online <> More than 6,000 articles and chapters by recognized religious scholars.

Religious Worlds <> Information about religion, religions, and religious studies.

Sacred texts <> Dedicated to both toleration and scholarship, the site presents collections from dozens of religious traditions, including Christianity. 


Pagan Origins of Christianity <>

Myriobiblios <> Patristic texts online, much in Greek, but also many English translations. 

Early Church Fathers <>.

the Gnostic Society Library <>



Project Wittenberg <>



Joint Declaration on the Doctrine of Justification, 1999 <> or <>

CHURCH-STATE A guide to church-state experts and organizations,  <> Part of Religion | Newswriters site offering resources to journalists about religion. 

Religious Affiliation of the Founding Fathers of the United States of America <>

19th-century American Restoration Movement texts <>

Jefferson's Letter of the Wall of Separation <> (see <> for other religious documents related to American History

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