Bible Study Resources


The Bible Text <>.  Bible Study resources.

The Five Gospels Parallels: <>.  Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, and Thomas coordinated in various ways, including Paul's sources.

Resource page for Biblical studies: <>.

The Blue Letter Bible <>. Offers various comparative translations, including word by word of original Hebrew and Greek.

The Unbound Bible <>

BibleGateway <> searchable Bible in many different versions and languages.

Bible History Online <>. "That the scriptures of the Old and New Testaments are verbally inspired of God and are without error as originally written, and that they are the authoritative Word of God; the only infallible rule of faith and practice for the Christian life."

Skeptics Annotated Bible <> Commentary and contradictions with a wicked sense of humor. 

Sermon aids

The Text this Week <>  Lectionary texts with many resources.  Excellent for sermon preparation.

Crosswalk: <>.  Various Bible study tools and commentaries.

Crossmarks Christian Resources:  <>.

The Worship Well <>. Innovative resources for Episcopalian liturgy. 

Lectionary with Resources <>

Liturgy --Worship that Works--Spirituality that Connects <>

Apologetics and Contradictions

101 Contradictions in the Bible cleared up on the Muslim-Christian Debate site <>.  Rationalizations of various Bible passages.

A List of Biblical Contradictions (1992) by Jim Meritt <> Pointing out the conflicts among Bible passages.  Allegedly countered at <>.  See also David Morgan's Bible Inconsistencies: Bible Contradictions? <>

Bible Contradictions
and Other Bible Difficulties <>. Index list to other pages.

Countering Bible Contradictions Originally By: Andrew Tong, Michael J. Bumbulis, MaryAnna White, Russ Smith, and others (1994-1995) on the Evangelical Catholic Apologetics<>.

  History of Western Civilization Resources and Sources
Anglican Resources History of Christianity Resources
Significant People in the History of Christianity History of Churches/Denominations/Sects/Ecclesiastical Polities Rooted in Christianity

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